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Barrie Courier Services Delivery Options & Pricing

Messenger & Courier Services in Barrie

Whether you’re looking for a business delivery service, home delivery service, or personal delivery service, our professional courier service in Barrie uses the most advanced technologies available. Our web-based Order Management System is the best of its kind amongst delivery companies in Barrie as it is very efficient, yet extremely easy to use. Our system will allow you to see who signed for your package and the time of pick-up and delivery on your PC as the package is being delivered within Barrie and surrounding area.

Same Day Delivery Courier Service in Barrie

We provide same day courier services for same day delivery of your documents and packages before 5 p.m. to anywhere in Barrie, if your call is placed no later than 11 am. We offer a cheap same day delivery price of $10 (per document or parcel up to 2.5 lbs) for delivery service anywhere in the City of Barrie limits.

Special Next Day Delivery Service in Barrie:

Your documents or packages will be delivered by our courier services in Barrie before the end of the next business day for a cheap delivery price of $5 (per document or parcel up to 2.5 lbs) as long as it is within Barrie limits.

Rush Deliveries for Barrie and Surrounding Areas

Our Barrie courier drivers will provide a rush delivery service within 90 minutes of your call depending on conditions and location in Barrie and surrounding areas.
Pricing as follows:
$6.00 handling fee + $1.50 per KM+HST.
Example for 10 KM Distance
$6.00 + (10 x $1.5 = 15) = $21.00 + HST

Direct Drive for Out-of-Barrie Limits

Our Barrie couriers will deliver your package within 30 minutes of your call depending on conditions and location in the City of Barrie and surrounding areas. All other long distance courier delivery depends on travelling time and distance from Barrie.

AM/PM Service:

Our Barrie delivery drivers will pick-up in the morning before 11 am and deliver in the afternoon before 5 pm.
Pick up will be in the afternoon for next day package delivery in Barrie before 5 pm.

Barrie Courier Services Additional Information:

Vehicles available; Cars and Mini Vans
Direct Drive up to 1,000 kilometres
Special & Prescheduled Runs

Call us today at 705-999-9999 for your most reliable documents and parcel courier service in Barrie!